How The NanoMath System Works

From Production to Consumption

1. Sources

Producing Electricity

The electricity that comes from conventional sources of energy is generated at practically every moment in time and any deviations that occur within the energy grid are balanced out with the use of very costly reserves of electricity. Electricity made from renewable resources majorly adds to the dynamic of the system it enters and therefore greatly affects the state of the entire energy network in the Czech Republic.

2. The Control Room


NanoMath is a unique model that deals with precise predictions and analytical findings generated by the long-term monitoring of dozens of factors that have been seen to affect the state of the energy grid at any given time. The detailed analyses we conduct enable us to predict with great precision what the future behaviour of the energy grid will look like and, naturally along with that, also what the hourly rate for electricity will be. Our team of traders work around the clock and use their knowledge of the electricity market to transfer the acquired benefits on to our end customers, who are both consumers and producers of electricity.

3. Consumption

The End Customer

We take the benefits we gain thanks to our precise predictions of the movements that take place in the energy system and transfer them on to our end customers. We maximize the purchase price of electricity obtained from co-generation units and other sources, and dynamically regulate our customers consumption profiles based on real-time hourly rates. Thanks to Smart Control, our customers can save up to 30% on their costs of electricity consumption and multiply their profits for the electricity they produce.

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