Energy Source Breakdown
for the Czech Republic

Where does our electricity come from?

Our Green Energy Sources

  • 63 %Biomass
  • 14 %Wind
  • 10 %Biogas
  • 8 %Rooftop PV systems
  • 5 %Hydropower

Water 5%

We get water power from small hydroelectric power plants that also take care to ensure that fish have a corridor to pass through. You can find them in the Beroun District or Vysočina Region.

Sun 8%

527 of our producers are fans of the sun’s energy. We take a small amount of electricity from a large number of producers who have solar panels fixed to the rooftops of their homes or production facilities.

Wind 14%

Small wind turbines located along the Czech border are our source of wind energy. If you’re curious to know where exactly your electricity was produced, head along to the eco-centre in Jindřichovice pod Smrkem – it’s right by the power plant and definitely worth a visit.

Biogas 10%

Agricultural and restaurant waste, as well as wastewater, are processed to generate biogas electricity. You will find one such power station in Kněžice in the Central Bohemian Region. Local waste is not only processed there but also heats the water and homes of all 500 people who live in the area.

Biomass 63%

Most of the electricity we generate for you comes from biomass. We buy this energy from producers who feed their power plants with agricultural waste, woodchips and sewage sludge. One such power plant can be found not far from Hradec Králové, in Mostek.

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