We borrow energy from nature and then give it back. Because our environment and good health both matter.

We supply Czech households and businesses with 100% green electricity. We know exactly who sends the electricity into your power socket. We buy renewable energy from small, local producers. Have a look! Annual verification by PWC and Guarantees of Origin issued to Czech green energy producers certify that the electricity we at Nano Energies supply is 100% green.

How do I get green electricity?

Have you got 10 minutes? That’s plenty of time to get your home connected to renewable sources of energy. Just fill in the online order form or send us a copy of your current electricity contract to . We’ll send you a contract proposal to sign and do the rest for you!

How much does green electricity cost?

The same as non-green energy. An average family of three will pay around 770 CZK per month for their green electricity. Get your estimate here!






5 432 MWh
per year


1 232


18 000
per year

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