Green Stamp

Proving our energy is clean

Why is it good to have the Green Stamp?

We use the Green Stamp to prove the origins of our green electricity. Being able to legitimately use this stamp is the end result of an annual, independent audit carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit s.r.o., which guarantees that 100% of our electricity comes solely from renewable resources. Our positive balance is also confirmed in this way, in other words, every month of the year, we buy out more green electricity than we supply to our customers. This means that everyone who purchases our green electricity can be absolutely sure that all of the electricity supplied comes from renewable resources in the Czech Republic.

We will be more than happy to give you our Green Stamp Certificate. Feel free to use it as proof that the electricity you purchase from us is indeed 100% green.
Using green electricity at favourable prices has not only become a global trend, but it also shows that you are responsible in your relationship towards nature.
Last but certainly not least, you can use your Certificate for marketing purposes or as a way of supporting the message you convey to others about the philosophy that your business is built on.

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Owner Testimonials

What do you like most about having your own business?

I find great enjoyment in being able to organize my own time and to have a degree of responsibility. The extent of my success thus depends on the decisions I make. At the same time, I have gained a deal of flexibility thanks to which my days are never mundane. This combination of benefits is my biggest motivation to constantly try to move forward.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to face when starting your business? And how did you manage to overcome it?

The hardest thing for me was making the actual decision to start all of this. After that, everything went rather smoothly. The admin was very time consuming, but we chanced upon good people who helped us. All in all I must say that we managed to pull off the beginning successfully.

Do you have any recommendations for those who are in the process of setting up their own business?

I think the key moment is to define your own goals, what you want to achieve, and adapt everything else accordingly. That is the only way you can do it all properly. You have to sacrifice a lot of time and energy, but if you go about doing it all well, it will pay off.

What are your business plans for the coming future?

It is difficult to plan when you have a small hydroelectric power plant. The government is not too keen on such projects and the conditions are getting worse. There are less and less locations that would be suitable for accommodating small hydroelectric power plants. I cannot therefore tell you at this very moment whether or not we will go into more such projects. I think we will more likely devote ourselves fully to this one power plant that we already have.

What values do you try to uphold in your business?

I build everything on conscientiousness. If you want to do something properly, you simply cannot lie to yourself. That is our lifelong credo. If we didn\t believe in it ourselves or if we deluded ourselves into thinking something or other, we would not be doing it right and we would not be doing it genuinely.

Why did you decide to set up a small hydroelectric power plant?

The reason was our location. It absolutely beckoned us to set up a small hydroelectric power plant there. We are the second small hydroelectric power plant in the area. Plus we feel that our small hydroelectric power plant is a marvellous source of electricity. And it gives us the chance to do a bit of good for the environment. We applaud and support renewable resources as a source of energy. In order to minimize the impacts of our power plant on river life, we constantly monitor the state of our facility and, when the need arises, modernize it in a way that helps the situation get better, for example, diverting fish away from the water flowing into our power plant.

You had a choice of whom to sell your electricity to. Why did you choose Nano Energies in the end?

Nano were very obliging in the terms and conditions they gave us, and their philosophy was also close to our hearts. In addition to that, we had some very positive references about Nano Energies. A good purchase price for electricity is not always the main parameter one should look at when deciding on who to choose. At Nano, we not only get a good price but also fair and high quality services.

What do you value most about Nano Energies? Is there anything you would like to see improved?

We had no problems at all so far and I hope it will continue that way.

Why did you decide to set up your own wind power plant?

Our village was looking for a new way to use the potential of our location. Something financially sound and at the same time environmentally-friendly. We knew that the conditions Nano Energies offered were very suitable for wind power plants and so we decided to go ahead with the plan. It took us four years to get the project outlined and all the admin done. Then we started building and our vision of a clean, ecologically-friendly business came to life.

What do you like most about having your own business?

The nice thing about it is that there aren't too many things we would have to worry about - everything works well both in terms of technology and economy. In addition to that, our whole village benefits from it because it is thanks to the wind power plant that our village gets more money into its budget. This gives us the chance to invest in other projects too, such as our environment fund which gives the residents of Jetřichovice the means to finance the installation of new windows, the renovation of the purification plant, etc. So the pleasure we get from it is multiplied. One specific project and everyone ends up feeling the benefits. The wind power plant has also enabled us to establish an Ecological Centre, which welcomes school visits where we teach children all the important things about renewable resources and the energy that can be generated from them.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to face when starting your business? And how did you manage to overcome it?

There was a really huge pile of admin to get through at the beginning. Thankfully this has now been counterbalanced by the fact that we have basically been able to "forget" about the windmills from the moment they were installed, simply because they work so well. But the truth is that we were convinced from the very beginning that this project would be very advantageous for our village and decided to focus and work together to achieve our goal.

Any recommendations for those who are thinking about setting up their very own wind power plant?

Unfortunately, going into such a project today would not make much sense anymore because of the zero support it now gets. I feel that it's wiser to create what we call a small island system. This means isolating yourself from the grid and making your own electricity. An optimum solution today is placing photovoltaic panels on the roof of your house and trying to use most of the electricity you produce for yourself. In other cases the underlying reason could simply be sheer enthusiasm.

What values do you try to uphold in your business? What is your personal credo in life?

We try to live a way of life that doesn't have a negative impact on the environment. We embraced an ecologically-friendly mindset from the very beginning. We currently heat five public buildings in an ecological manner and plan to take this even further. These values also showed us the direction we would like to go in the future in terms of electricity generation.

You had a choice of whom to sell your electricity to. Why did you choose Nano Energies in the end?

There were two reasons for our decision: one was the advantageous price of electricity and the other was the philosophy that Nano Energies lives by. We were very much captivated by Nano Energies' vision because we ourselves support energy from renewable resources and care about the environment we live in. Everything is successfully complemented by the high level of quality Nano Energies provides in its services.

What do you value most about Nano Energies? Is there anything you would like to see improved?

We are satisfied with the way everything works and that we can practically forget Nano even exists :-) We can use the time we save to take care of our village, all the while knowing that we don't have to spare a thought for the purchase of electricity. Whenever anything is needed, both sides are always most obliging.

Why did you and your wife decide to start your own business?

It so happened that my wife and I both became vegetarians, but there was only a minimum range of suitable foods to choose from at the time. That's why we shopped around wherever we could and bought whatever was available. Some things we brought from East Germany. Some things my sister (who is also a vegetarian) brought us. She married in France and started to sell organic foods there at the beginning of the 1980s. I was more and more tempted by the thought of opening my own store that would sell vegetarian products. And then one day we bought a whole cart full of buckwheat from the Soviet soldiers, we divided it into a number of little packets and sold it to our friends. That was the very beginning. Then I was lucky to have met the people who stood behind the establishment of Country Life in France. On top of it all came 1989 and I, in my post-Velvet Revolution euphoria, decided to establish Country Life here. We opened up our first store in June 1991, after having launched a wholesale store one month previously.…and would you believe I spent 10 years working as a freelance photographer before all of this happened?

What do you like most about having your own business?

I like to be creative. Both in terms of art and in bettering technological processes. I am less keen on admin. But thankfully I have a wonderful team around me, whose members always take care of any potential failures on my part and arrange things the way they should be arranged.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to face when starting your business? And how did you manage to overcome it?

There were a whole number of obstacles we had to face. We had to build a complete supplier infrastructure practically out of nothing, it simply didn't exist. On top of that, we started out with zero capital, we had to build everything on our own, earning one crown after another on each item we sold. And then we had to face problems with legislation and employees. Some wanted to siphon off all the funds from the company, but thank goodness we survived.

Any recommendations for those who are thinking about setting up their very own wind power plant?

It is important to have a vision of what you want to achieve and, mainly, be patient while doing so. Sometimes it can even take decades to achieve it and for this reason it is imperative to be tenacious and persevering, while not letting any problems - and you can be sure they will inevitably come at some point - overpower you.

What are your business plans for the coming future?

There are quite a few indeed: We are currently standing before a great expansion and modernization of our premises. We are widening our network of stores. We also want to reconstruct a broken down building close to our premises that was formerly a kindergarten into a production facility. This we would like to do in an environmentally-friendly spirit, putting a lot of emphasis on energy self-sufficiency. Then we are planning to finish building a model farm on our site that would encompass the maximum possible extent of biodiversity. We are very much tempted to expand our activities abroad (we want to have our own distribution system in Poland, Croatia and Slovakia, we have already found our distributors) and we would also like to penetrate the European market in a westward direction, where we have a whole number of supporters. In addition to that, we are planning to undertake two projects in Africa, namely on farms in Zambia and Tanzania where missionary institutions are currently at work. They need a market for their produce and so we are having talks on cooperating together on the basis of a fair trade relationship.

What values do you try to uphold in your business?

My colleagues and I have all agreed on the motto "To the roots of health". It's actually related to the fact that, according to the Bible, mankind was created to be vegetarian. In other words, it’s all about going back to our roots. Our second motto is "Let's heal the world together". We would like to play our part in helping people change their lifestyle towards the better and take better care of their health on a physical, social, mental and also spiritual level. I am personally very interested in innovative approaches on the one hand, but on the other hand I also tend towards going back to one's roots and naturalness. And so it is that I try to apply both of these principles in my business.

You had a choice of whom to sell your electricity to. Why did you choose Nano Energies in the end?

I like to support all of those who sometimes "swim against the current" and try to find new ways of doing things. At the same time, I have more of a liking for small Czech companies rather than large suppliers, who often don’t care very much about their customers. When I first found out that Nano Energies supplies electricity that is made from renewable resources and looked at how it would work in combination with our own approach (which is also ecologically-minded), it all started to make sense for me. The possibility of working together was simply too inviting to ignore.

What do you value most about Nano Energies? Is there anything you would like to see improved?

So far I have no complaints. Quite the contrary actually, I am planning to switch all the rest of our Country Life establishments over to Nano.

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